Saturday, 13 June 2015


I'm doing another double blog-hop post today - the #SpankA2Z June Challenge and Saturday Spankings!

M is for MOTORBIKE. I love motorbikes - and the bad boys who ride them. I first fell in love with my husband because his motorbike caught my eye :)

I've got a different use for a motorbike though, in my brand new release Rachel's Journey

Anna's Cowboy Country Transportation - Riding into Love

Unfortunately for Rachel, the scene below is not a happy, romantic one like the picture above shows. She thought it was a good idea to use a dangerous chainsaw. James has her bent over the back of the motorbike and is showing her that it wasn't ...

 “Bend over,” James growled, pushing her back down over the bike, flicking her thighs with the belt to make her spread her legs wider apart so her bottom was presented properly for his belt. 

When she was in position he rested his hand lightly on the small of her back again and she took comfort in it. It just rested there lightly, it wasn’t holding her; if she hadn’t been waiting for the vicious biting sting of James’ belt to fall she would have liked having his hand there, just touching her gently like that.
Crack! She screamed and jumped upright when the first blow landed – the pain was unlike anything she’d felt before. It was worse than a hundred bee stings at once; it felt like her bottom was on fire! 

Both her hands flew to her butt and started rubbing and tears were stinging behind her eyes. 

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  1. Awesome snippet Kelly! "if she hadn't been waiting for the vicious biting sting..." love that sentence. Never really thought about a motorbike being a spanking accessory before. Hmm..


    1. Thanks Roz! Until I wrote this story, I'd never thought of a motorbike as a spanking accessory either :)

  2. I feel for Rachel, but I have a feeling her lesson is just beginning, not ending, and she's not going to be happy about it at all. Love the snippet, Kelly, and I agree with Roz.

    1. Thanks Kathryn :) No she's certainly not happy about learning this lesson!

  3. Poor Rachel - it's all good until the reality strikes. Can't wait to read this book.

  4. I have a whole new appreciation for motorcycles now! Great snippet!

  5. Ouch the belt:/ dangerous behaviors get those bossy men pretty riled up!

  6. Ohh!! A spanking over a motorbike? HOT!