NZ Rural Romance

My favourite genre to write is daddy-dom.
Think gentle but stern, caring heroes.
My favourite setting is rural New Zealand.
I've combined both of these in these stand-alone books!

Daddy's Belt is set on a farm (that I fictionalised, but it was inspired by an actual farm) where I grew up, on the Awhitu Peninsula south of Auckland. Click here for pictures! 

Here's the blurb: 

She's been spoiled her entire life. Now it's time for her to get a taste of daddy's belt.

After her father's death, Melanie Smith is shocked to learn that he was so deep in debt even his house will be seized by his creditors. Homeless, penniless, and with no job prospects in America, she has little choice but to return to New Zealand and accept the only employment available to her, even though it will mean leaving the comforts of her old life behind to work as a farmhand.

Teaching a spoiled city girl how to care for his livestock is the last thing Blake Howard wanted, but something about Melanie calls to him. He finds himself wanting to give her exactly what she needs, and no matter how much the thought makes her blush, what she needs is to be taken very firmly in hand by a daddy who won't hesitate to redden her bare bottom as often as necessary.

When Melanie pushes Blake too far with her petulant disobedience she quickly discovers that his threat to spank her was not an idle one, yet as she goes about her first day on the farm with a sore backside her arousal grows more intense with each passing minute. Soon she is calling him daddy as he claims her hard and thoroughly, but as she is held in his arms, spent and satisfied, she cannot help wondering what it will be like the first time she feels the sting of daddy's belt.

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High Country Daddies
Ever since I've been very young, I've had an obsession with the South Island's High Country. Growing up in the North Island at the beach, far from the mountains of the Southern Alps, I collected pictures of the beautiful spots there, and used my imagination to craft stories of what I was sure was a truly romantic place. I've since been lucky enough to see the beautiful High Country for myself, and even worked on a sheep station when I was fresh out of school. In High Country Daddies I've tried to bring the place to life, and the heroes I created all embody the rugged, high country shepherd.

Here's the blurb:
After losing her job in the city, Carly Morgan heads for the one place where she might be able to start over: a farm in the foothills of New Zealand's towering Southern Alps. There on an isolated homestead, three men await. Three rugged, old-fashioned men whose rules she'll learn to obey unless she wants her cute little bottom bared and soundly spanked. Three men she'll call daddy.

Though a trip over a big, strong man's knee with her panties down proves more painful and humiliating than she had ever imagined, the shameful chastisement arouses Carly deeply, and being claimed and shared by her stern, handsome daddies leaves her utterly spent and satisfied.

Carly's love for her daddies grows stronger every day, but as she struggles with the demons of her past it becomes clear that they have conflicts of their own to overcome. Will the harsh realities of a high country winter strengthen the bonds between them or tear them apart forever?

Want to read the first chapter? Click here!
How about a sweet but spanky excerpt? Click here to read an excerpt to whet your appetite
This book was originally published without an epilogue, but both the paperback version and the current kindle versions include it. To read it, click here
And here's one more spanky excerpt that was inspired by real life: Read it here!

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