Wednesday, 20 January 2021

The Gunslinger's Woman ~ Bonus Epilogue Scene

Here is a bonus epilogue scene to The Gunslinger's Woman. It's not in the book and isn't available to read anywhere else. I hope you enjoy it!

Two Years Later

Jeannie stood in the doorway of their little log cabin and looked out over the stream that meandered gently around the rocks. She was happy, having a little place of her own to call home. Just as they’d promised her before the wedding, Sam, Tommy and Emmett had helped Danny build them a little cabin of their own, far enough away from the main house that they could have privacy, but close enough for her to watch the men in her life working in the corral with the horses. She smoothed her apron down over her dress and smiled contentedly. How life had changed just in two short years! Her clothing, for starters. For the first year and a half of their marriage, she’d continued to wear her men’s britches, just as Danny had promised her she could. But as her belly grew swollen with child, the britches became uncomfortable and she’d had the seamstress in town make her some simple cotton dresses. Danny seemed to enjoy her new clothes. She rejected the feminine finery most other ladies worse, so Danny had easy access to her bottom and pussy just by sliding his hand up under her dress. A shiver shot down her spine as she thought of Danny’s fingers creeping up her thigh to that secret spot between her legs; that delicious place that Danny liked to touch so lightly, the pads of his fingers barely grazing her little nub that shot desire through her whole body.

The two loaves of bread cooling on the window ledge reminded her of another change to her life: domesticity. With all her being, Jeannie had always resisted the expectations that society thrust upon her, preferring instead to break in horses and leave the running of the household to Maria’s skilled hands. But once her own cabin had been built, the windows decorated with pale yellow curtains that she’d chosen herself, a strange desire to take care of the home had lodged inside her and wouldn’t leave, until Maria had taught her everything that she would need to know.

Tosca, grazing nearby, lifted his head when she stepped outside and whickered to her in greeting. She didn’t ride him any more: doctor’s orders. He had insisted she give up working with the horses right from the very moment she learned she was pregnant and even though she thought the doctor was stupid and had no idea what he was talking about, Danny disagreed. And he’d made his feelings on the matter very plain indeed, baring her bottom and spanking her soundly until she promised to mind what the doctor said.

Taking the upturned bucket from where it sat just outside the door, she carried it down to the stream, squatted on the rocky bank, and filled it with the crisp, clean water. She hadn’t taken more than a dozen steps towards home when Danny’s deep, sexy voice whispered in her ear.

“Mrs Coulter.” She grinned as he slid his hands around her waist from behind and pulled her close against his body. She felt the hard planes of his chest against her back and heat shot through her core. His touch always did the most wicked things to her insides, making the butterflies within her take flight and her pussy ache with need.

“You’re not supposed to be carting water,” he growled, his voice gruff. “Doctor’s orders.”

“Doctor’s don’t know everything,” Jeannie scoffed, her grin widening as Danny’s fingers spread out over her swollen belly, clutching her possessively.

Gently, he took the bucket from her and set it on the ground, tipped her head back over his arm and bent his head to meet her mouth. His lips were hot against hers as he kissed her, his tongue melding with hers. The air crackled around them as she tangled her fingers in his hair and lost herself in their kiss. His erection pressed against her hip as his mouth claimed hers completely.

“You’re going to listen to the doctor,” Danny insisted, breaking off the kiss. “I don’t want anything happening to you or our baby.”

Jeannie leaned back against rest, resting her head on his chest, and sighed contently. It felt so right, leaning against her gunslinger. Except he wasn’t a gunslinger any more. After he’d shot the Mullins gang at their wedding he’d hung up his guns, and said he hoped he would never have to use them again. And so far, he hadn’t. These days he earned an honest living, helping her brothers run the ranch. His days of shooting and killing were long behind him.

She looked up at him and pouted. “I don’t want to listen to the doctor. I’m fine. I’m not sick.”

In an instant, Danny turned her sideways and smacked her bottom, the heavy swat reverberating through her. “It’s been far too long since you’ve had a decent spanking.”

“On the contrary,” she argued. “I don’t think it’s been nearly long enough!”

Danny smiled down at her and squeezed her bottom, his fingers digging in where he’d just spanked, and raised an eyebrow. “If you don’t want me to bare your bottom and give you one right here, you let me cart the water.”

“No! You can’t spank me out here! My brothers might see!”

Danny chuckled. “Then you be good. No more carting water.” His voice was stern, but there was an unmistakeable twinkle in his eye that made Jeannie’s heart skip a beat.

Jeannie pouted again, but nodded as Danny swept her off her feet and into his arms, cradling her against his chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her towards the cabin.

“The water!” she reminded him, pointing at the bucket sitting on the ground where he’d left it.

“The water can wait,” Danny insisted, nuzzling her neck. “I’ve got more important things to worry about.”

“Such as?”

“Reminding my wife of her place.”

“And where is that?” Jeannie snuggled against him, safe in his strong arms.

“In my bed.” He kissed her nose. “Screaming my name in pleasure, over and over again.”

Jeannie giggled. “I think you’re right,” she agreed. “The water can wait.” She tightened the grip she had on his neck and tugged a lock of his hair gently, making him look at her.

He raised an eyebrow in question.

“I’ve decided on a name for the baby,” she whispered. “If it’s a girl, I want to name her Lucy. Is that okay?”

She watched Danny’s face closely as emotion flitted across it, then his mouth widened into a grin. He bent his head to kiss her again as he carried her over the threshold of their little cabin, kicking the door shut behind them. “That will be perfect, my love,” he whispered back. “Perfect.”


The End.


  1. Wow Kelly, a wonderful ane beautiful ending, loved this! Thanks so much for sharing this :)


    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) It was fun to write. I loved writing this book, so delving back into the characters was great.