Saturday, 19 November 2016

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Welcome to my blog for this week's Saturday Spankings where spanky authors share a short snippet of one of their books. This week I'm sharing an excerpt from my erotic sci-fi Taking His Human Bride. I hope you enjoy it!

Taking His Human Bride is now available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited!  So, if you haven't read it yet, now's your chance!

Taking His Human Bride hit #1 in its category on Amazon - erotic sci-fi

Here's an excerpt:

Returning to her side, Damian slapped her pussy with his fingers, a hard, punishing slap that both stung and left her wanting. His searching fingers found her protruding nub and squeezed it, teasing it, making her dizzy with desire. She could feel herself growing wet as he stimulated her clit, then he flicked it hard with his forefinger and slapped her pussy with a loud, wet splat. She groaned.

“You’re a very naughty girl,” Damian scolded her, slapping her pussy sharply again. She arched her bottom up to give him better access as his fingers delved inside her once again, his thumb rubbing circles on her clit, his fingers exploring her innermost crevice, sending tingles through her body. She moved her hips in time to the rhythmic thrusting of his fingers, moaning in pleasure at the erotic sensations overwhelming her. 

But just when she came close to the edge, he withdrew his fingers, flicked her clit, and slapped her pussy several times with hard, stinging swats that made her cry out in pain, stopping the impending orgasm in its tracks. There was no relief for the aching need deep within her and she groaned softly.

Less than a day after two gruff military officers escort her to a government facility, Melissa Malone finds herself leaving the planet on a newly-built spacecraft heading for one of the moons of Jupiter. Unknown to most of the world, an asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and, due to her unrivaled computer skills, Melissa is one of a select group of people chosen to rebuild civilization should humanity prove unable to avert the approaching cataclysm.

Melissa’s situation rapidly goes from bad to worse when the ship is attacked and she is captured by what she can only assume are aliens. After a thorough medical examination, Melissa is given as a bride to a man named Damian. As she soon learns, the handsome officer has laid claim to her for a reason. Damian is on a mission, sent by the leaders of his world to infiltrate and bring to justice the band of renegades who took her captive… and he needs her help.

Despite Damian’s willingness to spank her soundly for any disobedience, Melissa cannot help delighting in the way her body responds to his touch, and his skillful, dominant lovemaking brings her to heights of passion she never imagined possible. But when the time comes for Melissa to put her abilities to the test with the fate of the Earth on the line, can she outwit a rogue computer expert and prove that Damian’s trust in her was well placed?

Publisher’s Note: Taking His Human Bride is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Buy it or read for free on KU HERE

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  1. Hi Kelly, this sounds intriguing and hot! Loved the excerpt, very yummy :)

    How badly did you feel the quake where you are? It was severe and very scary here, Definitely been a heck of a week!


    1. Hi Roz, I'm so pleased to hear from you! I was thinking about you up there in the rocky part of the country! We were lucky here and hardly felt anything :)
      Fingers crossed it settles down soon!

  2. Glad you didn't experience much difficulty with the quake.

    Sexy snippet here - pretty hot.

  3. Cruel and unusual punishment - but I feel it will turn out well given time.

  4. Sounds like she's going to have to suffer a bit more before experiencing pleasure. Super hot snippet!

  5. Oh my! This took my breath away. Great snippet.