Saturday, 24 September 2016

#SatSpanks ~ Western coming soon!

For Saturday Spankings this week I'm sharing another eight sentences out of my western that's coming soon with the working title of The Gunslinger's Woman.

You’re doing well my love,” he told her softly, his voice a low, deep rumble that sent vibrations through her, tingles that shot to her core. “We’re nearly done. Just six more to go.”

          “No,” she moaned, a long, drawn-out protest. “It hurts.”

          “I know it hurts,” Danny told her gently, his voice full of compassion. “I mean for it to hurt. That’s the point. I need you to remember this spanking, because I love you too much to let you endanger yourself.”

Keep your eyes out for my latest western - coming soon!

Inspiration for my spanking gunslinger 

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  1. Love this Kelly, I love his encouragement and compassion.


  2. Man knows what he's doing. Best reason for a spanking.

  3. I just love an undertone of compassion during a punishment. Wonderful snippet!

  4. I'm with Roz. I adore heroes who seriously protect their ladies, even from themselves. Great snippet.

  5. Love that picture. WOW! And it goes so well with the words. I could feel the pain. OUCH is right.

    1. I love the picture, too. I think it's the eyes!