Saturday, 21 November 2015

#SatSpanks ~ The Code of the West ~

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“But a bare bottom spanking is exactly what you need. 

If you’d followed my orders you wouldn’t have nearly drowned,” he scolded. 
“I told everyone that couldn’t swim to go over on the wagon. 
Cowboys die at river crossings, they drown. 
You could have drowned. You would have, if it wasn’t for Woody.”
Mr Jordan put a hand in the small of her back to steady her, and raised his other hand high. 
He brought it down with a resounding slap that made her yelp and jump. “Stay still,” he ordered. 
“This has barely started.”

AMAZON         BARNES & NOBLE         

In the years since the tragic death of her parents, Jedda-Lyn Cross has given everything she has to keep the family ranch running. She has grown accustomed to getting no help at all from her alcoholic brother, but when his violent, sadistic friend tries to make Jedda his wife against her will, it is the last straw.

Her attacker is the son of the richest family in town, and with the corrupt sheriff ready to do his bidding Jedda is desperate to leave town in a hurry. With no money and no horse, her best chance of making her escape comes in the form of a soon-to-be-departing cattle drive led by the famous trail boss Wes Jordan. But a young woman has little hope of gaining employment on a cattle drive, so drastic measures will be required…

Wes is none too pleased when he discovers that the new drover he hired is actually a beautiful twenty-two-year-old woman disguised as a boy, but after hearing Jedda’s story he promises to protect her. As he quickly realizes, however, that will be easier said than done. Jedda is sassy, headstrong, and in serious need of a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking, and when her reckless disregard for her own safety finally pushes him too far, Wes takes her firmly in hand.

After a painful, humiliating punishment from the handsome trail boss, Jedda is left with her bottom burning and her mind set awhirl. In spite of everything, she aches for Wes to take her in his arms, and when at last he does the pleasure of his skillful, passionate lovemaking nearly takes her breath away. But with her obsessed former suitor and his hired guns still after her, can she bring herself to accept the fact that, for a man like Wes, risking his life to protect the woman he loves is just part of what it means to live by the code of the west.

Publisher’s Note: The Code of the West is an erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

The Code of the West is a standalone sequel to The Ways of the West, (Note: You do not need to have read The Ways of the West to enjoy The Code of the West; they are both standalone books)

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  1. There's a reason they call them "Wagon Masters," and I think Mr. Jordan is about to demonstrate to Jedda exactly why that is. Love the snippet, Kelly.

  2. Woah! I'm thinking that there's going to be one blistered backside at the end of this lesson! Still, I suspect she's not going to make the same mistake again!!

    1. Yes poor Jed does end up a wee bit on the sore side :)

    2. Yep, sounds like a burning backside is on the way! Great spanking scene, Kelly :)

    3. It certainly is! I wouldn't want to be in Jed's shoes right about now :)

  3. Ouch... this is going to end up very hot - in more ways than one ;)