Daddy's Whip

 Daddy's Whip
by Loki Renard & Kelly Dawson

Not only is Loki Renard a fantastic author who writes super hot spanky books that make me laugh out loud, she's been one of my favourite writers for years AND she's a USA Today Bestseller!!
I was honoured to have the opportunity to write a book with her and even now, some months later, I'm still 
totally fan-girling over it!
Loki is awesome, and we had so much fun writing this book!
Both proud Kiwi's, we've brought New Zealand to life in this tale of tragedy, love, a brat, 
and a sexy horseman who knows how to use a whip ☺

She's as headstrong as any filly he's ever broken, but soon she'll call him daddy.

Sam Cooper needs a capable hand for his working farm and trail trekking business, not a spoiled city girl who doesn't know a horse from a hamster. Instead, he finds himself saddled with a mouthy, disobedient little spitfire in desperate need of his firm hand applied to her bare bottom.

When she fled Christchurch in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake, Marnie Sawyer figured anywhere would be better than the broken city, until she ended up under the roof--and over the knee--of a man every bit as rugged as the alpine wilderness in which he makes his home.

Marnie isn't sure what is more shocking, Sam's willingness to scold and spank her like a little girl, or the way her body responds when he takes her in his arms and makes her his own. But leaving isn't an option, and though it makes her blush to admit it, she needs a daddy who isn't afraid to use his whip to break her in and teach her what it means to belong to him completely.

Publisher's Note: Daddy's Whip includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

"Horses, sexy dominant man, beautiful setting, hot sex and severe punishment.
Need I say more?" - Amazon Reviewer

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