About Me

Hi! I’m Kelly Dawson, a Kiwi erotic romance writer from the very bottom of the world – I live 
in the South Island of New Zealand with my very own romance novel hero husband and four awesome kids.
 I’m pretty proud of my country, and most of the books I write are set here.

My love of horses and cowboys also flows through to my books. 
I grew up loving them – probably thanks to my Dad who introduced me to 
The Man From Snowy River movies, westerns, and rodeos at a young age, 
and got me my first pony when I was 10.

I write across several genres, all under the umbrella of kinky, spanky erotic romance. 

What are readers saying about my books?

“Kelly Dawson always surprises me with the personality of each Daddy in her novels.”
“Kelly’s stories are always a great read.”
“Obeying Daddy is just right for a light summertime read if you like a little spanking in your romance.”
“Completely and utterly taken captive by this story. It was EVERYTHING!!”
“This story had all the feels I’ve come to expect from a Kelly Dawson book.”
“Sparks will fly, spanks will fall. Their rocky ride of a relationship is stern, sexy and downright erotic.”
“The steamy scenes had me fanning my face.”

One more thing. I have Tourette’s Syndrome. I’ve had it all my life, and was diagnosed at 11. 
I’m passionate about educating people about it, and if the media will stop making fun of it and treating it as a joke 
and instead acknowledge it for the devastating neurological disorder that it is, I will die happy.

If you want to know what it's *really* like to live with this disorder, my character Bianca, 
in Daddy Takes the Reins does a pretty good job of describing it.
She is a strong woman who refuses to let Tourette’s define her, but every day, she faces challenges because of it. 
This book is very close to my heart, and Bianca has more than a little bit of me in her.

Please stalk me!

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